Wealth and death


PEOPLE, let’s not create build earthly empire because everyone of will die and what will happen to all your earthly mansions?
This is question one must ask.
I continue to build and have more earthly mansion and enjoy the luxury life, that’s fine but what’s more after you die?
How do you get to enjoy those things?
Regardless of race, position, tile, materials, money, mansion that you have, everyone will die when time comes.
We have seen kings, queens, princes, prime ministers, ministers, secretaries, Members, billionaires, millionaires, wealthy men and women, preachers, pastors, Christians, sinners, educated person, uneducated person, working class person, unemployed person, drug convicts, old, young, single person, teenagers, babies and list goes on all have perished and those of us alive will one day follow the same path.
So people stop being selfish with all your earthly mansions, if you have many, don’t try to continue to have more.
Be content of what you have. If you have surplus, please give to those that need it more.
These are the real people you will make a difference in their life and they will give you heaps of praise from their heart and you will be blessed.
Look around yourself and see what you have.
Think about people who cannot clothe themselves, eat a decent meal and don’t have the basic necessities in life.
They live a simple life.
When death comes, richer and poorer, we all go into same coffin.
A billionaire from Asia was asked what he will do with his wealth when he dies, he responded saying: “Although I have a son, I will not give him anything, instead I will donate to a charity.”
So you say, the guy knows that he will eventually die sooner or later so he had to plan what he will do with all his assets and wealth.

Living in Exile, POM

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