Wealth in PNG must be managed fairly

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

PAPUA New Guineans are the masters of their land and destiny today but the country needs leaders who can manage and share its wealth fairly, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare says.
Sir Michael said the country’s self-written Constitution was set as the pillar of the nation to ensure that the current generation became the masters of their land and destiny.
However, it  requires leadership to uphold the legacy and precedence set since the colonial era,he said.
“Many changes have occurred along the way but the country remained united under diversity which was very significant and needed upholding at all times,” Sir Michael said.
“Our country has adequate resources but leaders need to be mindful in managing the resources.”
Sir Michael remarked at Dregarhafen Secondary-Vocational Training School in Finschhafen during his visit to the  institution that nurtured him.
He was given a home-coming welcome at Gagidu airstrip by the Malasiga singsing group, followed by visits to the Braun Memorial Hospital and Dregarhafen.
Governors Jim Kas (Madang), Kelly Naru (Morobe) and his deputy Judas Nalau, Sir Jerry Nalau, Sir Boyamo Sali and Timothy Bonga accompanied him.
He said despite the changes in technology, politics, leadership and economic issues impacting human needs, the country still needed a leader to guide it through current challenges.
“After 49 years of my political career and four-time prime minister, I am proud to instil what the country is enjoying today as I will end my career, but I want to see this blessed country become one of the best in the world” Sir Michael said.
“People in the villages need to register their land, have land titles, not meaning that the land will be sold to the government, no.
“Registering land and having titles guarantee you to lease your land to investors and the government, to work in partnership and benefit from the 4 per cent loyalty from minerals extracted beneath your land,” he said.