Wearing of mask still mandatory


THE recent announcement by the National Pandemic Controller David Manning issuing 12 new pandemic measures are well received and applauded by citizens.
However, there is total misconception whereby the public think wearing of face mask has now become optional instead of mandatory.
Out of the 12 measures, measure 10 speaks of mandatory mask wearing.
As soon as the controller released the relaxation of Covid-19 pandemic issues, the very next day, many people started moving around without masks.
Come on! What is going on here Mr Controller?
There has to be a very clear message to the public on mandatory wearing of masks.
Let us not be complacent.
It is highly possible that there would be an increase in positive Covid-19 cases over the next few weeks and the controller’s eye will be open.
I am calling on the controller to get this message clearly to the public that it is mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask.

Concerned Citizen