Weather office seeing more rain over the horizon


The country is expected to have more rainfall over the next six months with 40 per cent more chance of a cyclone hitting, according to the assistant-director of the National Weather Service, Jimmy Gomoga.
Gomoga said yesterday that there would be more rainfall from this month until next May.
The forecast for November suggests:

  • Below normal conditions for New Guinea Islands;
  • near to above normal conditions for Southern and Highlands; and,
  • Near normal conditions for Mamose.

“With the wet season forecast on the coming next three months, New Guinea Islands is expected to still experience below-normal conditions,” Gomoga said.  “The Southern, Mamose and Highlands region are expected to have more rainfalls.”
Gomoga said the regions which have near-normal to above-normal rainfalls had been  warned to take precautions.
Western, Milne Bay and Central are expected to experience flooding if the rain continues.
Highlands is expected to have high risk of landslides on high lands and deforested areas.
The National Weather Service will be forecasting tropical cyclones.