Weatherman warns residents of heavy rain, floods


THE National Weather Service says “heavy rain and flood” will continue until the end of this month.
Director Samuel Maiha told The National yesterday that flooding was likely to occur next week.
Maiha said all provinces in the country were experiencing rain except parts of Enga, East and West Sepik and Madang.
He said these provinces had less rainfall than they expected during the wet season.
Maiha said parts of Gulf did not receive rain for three days. He also warned of strong winds during the wet season.
“People need to be aware that winds may become stronger,” Maiha said.
He said there were no warnings about going to sea.
Meanwhile, NCD Governor Powes Parkop has urged residents to brace for more rain in the city for the rest of this month.
Parkop said the weather had wreaked havoc along the roads.
He urged parents and guardians to watch over their children during the wet season.
Parkop called on the people and corporate citizens to take ownership and responsibility over drainage and waterways near their homes.
He urged them to clear blockages in waterways so that flash floods would be absorbed adequately by the drainage as initially designed.
Parkop warned residents to stay away from power lines and poles, drainage reserves and trees during the wet season.
He said residents should have alternate sources of electricity and firewood for kitchens, as electricity blackouts were imminent during the wet season.
Parkop commended volunteers under the
Active City Development Programme for making sure streets, roads, Ela Beach sea front, Boroko and other parts of the city were clean, safe and healthy despite the heaps of debris created by the wet season.
He wants such an effort multiplied for the betterment and cleanliness of the city.