Week-long TB awareness in B’ville

Health Watch, Normal

The National, Thursday July 5th, 2012

A WEEK-long awareness on tuberculosis in Bougainville was carried out last week by World Vision’s TB DOTS Advocacy, Communications and Social Mobilisation (ACSM) team in partnership with the National Department of Health’s TB Programme.
The awareness activities were aimed at increasing knowledge of communities within the province on the symptoms of tuberculosis and adherence to TB treatment, once diagnosed.
Among communities visited were the Novah, Hahela and Hamatana primary schools, where students were eager to learn more about the disease and were able to confidently speak about what they had learnt.
Present to give a hand at during the awareness activities was Dotsy, the national TB programme’s mascot, who represents TB patients’ treatment supporter.
Being a newcomer in Bougainville, Dotsy was a highlight during the awareness activities held at the Bel Isi Park, where crowds gathered.
Margret Otto, a teacher at Manob Elementary School in the Selau-Suir district, expressed gratitude that efforts were made by the national TB programme to make people in Bougainville more aware of the disease.
“It is rare to have people take the time to come into our communities and carry out health talks,” she said.
“This is a real need.
“And I’m happy that the effort was made to make us more aware of TB.
“That is so we know what the signs are and we don’t think it is just a simple cough.”