Week-long trainers’ training underway in Morobe


A WEEK-long training of trainers workshop on the Citizenship and Christian Values Education (CCVE) teachers’ guide and syllabus is underway in Lae, Morobe.
CCVE, one of the eight subjects of the standard-based curriculum, is compulsory.
Senior school inspector basic education Naikuli Keith Tangui said the workshop was to train master trainers so that they would go and train clusters in their districts.
“We will be using the same method that we used in rolling out the standard-based curriculum last year,” he said.
Education programme advisor Keith Jiram said the CCVE would address the falling attitude PNG was facing.
“The curriculum is timely because we need to bring a shift in the mindset of our people, to a positive mindset,” Jiram said.
“It is a government programme with funding provided. The aim is to have all teachers in Morobe teach CCVE when schools begin.
“School inspectors in the province, district education managers, trainers from elementary schools, church representatives, Morobe special resource centre representatives and lecturers from Balob Teacher’s College are attending.
“We have more than 7000 teachers, nine district education managers and 22 school inspectors who should be well vested with the CCVE.”
He said there were almost 1500 elementary schools, 374 primary and community schools, nine technical vocational education and training schools, and 26 high/secondary schools in Morobe that will teach the CCVE this year.
Team leader and executive officer of Teacher Education Division under the Education Department, Martha Kipu said the training will be done in regions.
The workshop runs from Jan 21 to 25.