Welfare of Kapris raised in court

National, Normal

THE National Court has given the Beon jail commander 28 days to show cause as to why they should continue keeping suspected bank robber William Kapris in detention.
The court on Tuesday served fresh orders to jail commander Joe Jargo that an initial order of his exercise periods and weekly visits of 30 minutes be increased to 45 minutes.
Jargo was also ordered to ensure that Kapris is examined by medical persons once every seven days and that he shall prepare and file in court by Dec 6 a report on the conduct and condition of the detainee.
Justice David Cannings also requested that Jargo prepare a written opinion on whether Kapris’ continued detention was necessary with the matter to be addressed on Dec 7.
Cannings also ordered that lawyers for those charged with the Madang BSP robbery have full access to them.