Well done, Agiru

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to commend Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru for allocating K4 million for the rehabilitation of Dauli Teachers College in the province.
This institution is one of the oldest in the country and many of the buildings constructed in the 1960s were not maintained.
The move by the governor to allocate funds is long overdue.
Under the first phase of the governor’s institutional funding schedule, he has allocated some funds to needy institutions in the province.
This is good news.
It is now up to the respective boards of management and boards of governor to utilise such scarce resources meaningfully.
The history of misuse of school funds is well known and this must stop.
The cause of misuse of school funds is dilapidated schools and this can be clearly seen in many of the schools not only in SHP but the rest of the country.
Overall, Mr Agiru is doing a fine job by allocating much needed funds to each health centre and school in the province.
Now, it is up to each board to manage these scarce resources meaningfully.


Willie Ako
Port Moresby