Well done Port Moresby


THE message by the NCD/Central commander not to allow members of the police force from other provinces be deployed into NCD led to the smooth policing and friendly public relations during last Tuesday’s Parliament session.
Most policemen and women, including our cadets, deployed in different corners of the city was seen and felt.
As a visitor to the city, I was happy seeing everyone busy going about their business from the streets to the higher level.
Let’s not put our country men and women and children down with negative comments but sometimes sit down and see what’s happening and acknowledge and encourage them in whatever efforts they contribute.
Port Moresby police and people, you have proven to the country that you are mature and you are encouraged to do more of that practices in such big events.
Such behaviour should be seriously noted and replicated in future big events in other provinces.

Jack Kukiwa
Lae-based visitor