Wellbeing and prosperity


TO the greater Papua New Guineans world over, it is a blessing that our current Prime Minister talks about our wellbeing and prosperity. No one before him has spoken like that before.
PM thank you on behalf of the silent majority.
However, to achieve the vision you have, may I recommend the following for your consideration.
From the 8 million plus people, try your best to get 85 per cent of them to be paying income tax.
This way you will have 85 per cent of population paying to feed 15 per cent of population who may be disabled, young our old people.
Currently about only 15 per cent of the 8 million people are paying taxes to feed the 85 per cent who are unemployed and not paying taxes.
Do your best to turn the equation around and you see the country will be flooded with money for all services.
Make it mandatory for all foreign investors in PNG to train and educate Papua New Guineans. Some foreign companies in Port Moresby are not training their staff. Can the Department of Labour Inspectors look into these?
Let us export.
Exports are our incomes.
We must export tertiary products. Please stop the shipment of gold, oil, timber etc overseas with the promise of cash next week.
Next week will never come my prime minister. Please do cash and carry. Money come and we let go of our valued resources.
This way, we have money into central bank consolidated revenue account every day.
We should have at least K5 billion every month.
This will be very good for our economy.
And on top of this, please consider the possibility of us going back to fixed kina regime. 1 PKG = US$1.00
Finally please PM, stop the imports. I do not care how, but just stop it. That is our major expense that is killing us at the moment.
This country is rich.
If we stop the imports, we will not die. We can live on fish, pig, cow, taro, kaukau, chicken, and many fruits.
We will not die.
Only bring in the medicine to treat our people.
From the savings made as explained above, put K2 billion into agriculture and K2 billion into tourism. Get all the unemployed youths to work on these farms and tourist resorts.
We will never go wrong my PM.
This will make your people healthy, wealthy and rich as well.
Over to you my leader to implement it, at lease begin the ball rolling.
We should be okay after 10 years of implementing this strategic corporate plan to bring back PNG to our people.

Casper Saulep
Kairiru Island,

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