Wells: Be proud of our athletes

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TWO members of the Papua New Guinea Swim team participants that took part in the Commonwealth Games in India arrived in the country yesterday after a very impressive performance at the event.
While the rest of the contingent is expected to return on Sunday, PNG Swimming president Elizabeth Wells and two-time Commonwealth Games representative Judith Meauri, including photographer Jason Pini, who is  also the brother of the Ryan Pini, the silver medallist in the 100m butterfly at the Delhi Games arrived yesterday.
Wells said that preparations were underway for Ryan Pini’s travel to PNG.
Wells said that they were working on getting Pini up to PNG but could not confirm the exact date of his arrival to Port Moresby.
“He swam a fantastic 100m butterfly which kicked off like a rocket. It was one of the Commonwealth Games fastest events and and Ryan’s second after the Beijing Olympics,” she said.
Wells said the global community had noticed a huge improvement with the PNG swim team, something only the spectators would note.
She added that our onshore swimmers performed very well breaking national and personal bests, a result of continuously exposing them on the international stage, especially Anna Liz Mopio-Jane who swam in the semi-final of one of the events.
“Papua New Guineans  should be proud of our athletes and should commend their performances at the games regardless of their finals rankings,” Wells said.