Wenge decries power cuts

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CONTINUOUS power outages in Lae, Morobe province, throughout the weekend and yesterday have been described by Morobe Governor Luther Wenge as “getting worse” and has made a plea to State Enterprises Minister Arthur Somare to intervene to improve the service by PNG Power.
Mr Wenge said the problem was a “huge let down by PNG Power” that was affecting the whole of Lae city including residential areas, schools and businesses that essentially needs power to operate.
As the industrial hub, he said most factories were affected because their operations depended on continuous and constant power supply.
“There is no alternative power and companies will have to spend more to use standby generators,” he said.
Mr Wenge said the situation was worrying because the problem was ongoing.
Mr Wenge said that the problem was not only in Lae but while he was in Goroka during the weekend, they too were experiencing power cuts every half an hour and on his trip back on Sunday at 4am, Yonki was also in total darkness.
Earlier this year, Mr Wenge staged a public forum where residents went and aired their grievances and a petition was drawn up.