Wenge got it wrong

Letters, Normal

LUTHER Wenge must take back all he has said about Richard Leahy and apologise not only to this hardworking PNG-caring gentleman but to all Papua New Guineans who know and have worked alongside him in the aviation industry. As a Morobe man, I have been continually embarrassed by the Governor’s rhetoric and grandstanding and I think it is time somebody tells him to shut up.
I have known Richard Leahy for the past 30-odd years in my aviation profession and have known a few aviation personnel in his league who consider PNG their home and sweat day in day out to make this country what it is today.
My friends, Capt Peter Sharpe and Capt Michael Butler are also in this league and are household names to a lot of us.
This hardworking 63-year-old has been the silent achiever, the backbone and the means of the rural Morobe populace in having access to services that Wenge and his band of useless civil servants have failed miserably to provide.
Richard Leahy flies from dawn to dusk ferrying rice, sugar and tinned fish to every flight strip within 15 minutes of Lae because Wenge has not considered building roads to connect these places.
Like other true Morobeans, I feel for Richard Leahy’s family and hope for his recovery.


Prof Air-Head,
Jacksons Airport.