Wenge hails Wilshere

Lae News, Normal


MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge has termed Kumul captain and winger John Wilshere a “true son of Morobe” representing the province and the country.
“As a leader, I’m proud to share this achievement with you,” Mr Wenge said when the two met at the Melanesian Hotel yesterday.
Mr Wenge told the Butibam star that he even suspended work to watch him play.
“You didn’t let the country down, players like Marcus Bai, David Mead, Menzie Yere, Charlie Wabo, Anton Kui, and the whole Kumuls team, you have done us proud,” he told Mr Wilshere.
“You guys put on the best performance.”
Mr Wilshere was grateful to the governor for acknowledging the Kumuls and said that they were honoured to lift the flag of the country.
“If we didn’t win the game against the Cooks, we would have had to work extra hard to get international standings  so as the captain, I would like to thank the boys and all our coaching staff especially Adrian Lam,” he said.
“I urge juniors in the country to get out there and get involved in the game, and with discipline and good sportsmanship you can secure contracts overseas.”
Mr Wilshere has decided to retire from playing.
“It’s not about quitting; I will always be here to help in terms of rugby league education to inspire youngsters to get involved in the game,” he said.
With 12 years playing for the Kumuls, Mr Wilshere has decided to hang up his boots but indicated that anything could happen between now and the Four Nations series.
“It’s still a long time and I will still be vying for a position in next year’s team,” he said.
“The reason I’m stepping down is because of age, mi lapun nau (I am getting old),” he joked before adding that he has decided retire to give space to upcoming talents and youngsters to be recognised and be able to develop their talents at the international level.