Wenge has lost the people’s trust

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 11th November 2011

MOROBE Governor Lu­ther Wenge is full of hot air and empty promises.
For him to say the state of emergency is not necessary shows he has lost the plot.
Violent crime and law and order problems in Lae are a protracted issue.
I was disgusted to read his comment that the Morobe government and administration, with the help of other Morobean leaders, would make everything possible for a return to normalcy.
This has to be one of the craziest comments he has ever made.
Today, Lae is a fighting zone and a state of emergency should be declared.
Lawlessness has been a protracted issue and no one, especially Wenge, has been proactive about it.
He previously used taxpayers’ money to get rid of the ECP, and did not provide an alternative.
Mr Governor, have you been reading the views from the public over the last decade?
Did you know a young schoolgirl was raped at Eriku recently?
Lae MP Bart Philemon and Mayor James Khay should also be ashamed for being complacent.
They should all resign in shame because they failed to listen to the people and lacked the political will and guts to clean up their backyards.
The people have spoken through this unrest.
Wenge had made many promises over the years but he has yet to honour a single one.
So why should we conti­nue to trust him?

Port Moresby