Wenge losing grip on Morobe

Letters, Normal

THE one-time human rights champion, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, is obviously losing his roots with the province when he told our young Bulolo MP Sam Basil to go home and plant yam.
First of all, yam is our staple food and has been since the days of our ancestors.
Thanks for promoting Buang people’s yam.
Mr Wenge stole the show on political arena once when he master-minded and bravely led the fight against VAT in the country and fought against the ECP programme using Morobe people’s money to save PNG.
We did not oppose that because we, Morobeans, are loving, caring and who can share our wealth and resources with our countrymen.
The court case against the Government on the insufficient revenue coming back to Lae city and Morobe province is still pending.
This becomes evident when lord mayor James Khay and Lae Chamber of Commerce are still talking about upgrading Lae’s poor roads.
A lot of Morobe’s money has been spent on these legal battles and we have yet to see the results and benefits.
What is VAT compared to GST when it is still 10% at the moment?
Has law and order improved in Lae city and Morobe province after Mr Wenge chased out the Australians on ECP duty?
Will the Government ever give back 50-60% of the huge revenue generated from Morobe province?
I call on Mr Wenge to answer these questions before delivering a low blow by talking about Buang yams when he cannot find markets to sell and promote Morobe yams or open the gate for Morobeans to go into small business ventures.
If outsiders are going to come and deprive Morobeans of business opportunities, then I can only say: “Tingting sot nau. Go back to Nabak and plant taro kongkong while we, the Buangs, will still plant our beloved yams whether you are still up there or down here.”
We noted that the nus, pes na maus blong Morobe has gone quiet on the floor of Parliament and we fear the champion human rights defender will soon go to sleep and the intruders will break into the yard and help themselves.


Masta Wai