Wenge losing grip on power

Letters, Normal

The National- Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge’s grip on political power is winding down very rapidly. 

No one will forgive him for the mess the province is in – rising law and order problems, proliferation of squatter settlements, constant ethnic clashes, continued neglect of Lae city roads, dilapidated state of Angau Memorial Hospital and spending public money for unnecessary court cases, among others.

With the 2012 national elections only 15 months away, he is engaged in political debate with the prime minister and indeed government for Morobe to secede from Papua New Guinea. 

What gutter politics. Where is his resource base to move Morobe forward? And how can he do so when he has failed to provide effective political leadership, even now with national government support?

Morobeans must now realise the inevitable; Wenge has run out of ideas, the problems facing Lae city and Morobe province are well beyond his reach, fatigue and tiredness has caught up with him. 

He needs a good, well-earned rest more so now than ever before.



Former supporter