Wenge seeks facts on bribery, foul play

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The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

OUTGOING Morobe Governor Luther Wenge is seeking information relating to elections bribery and foul play from other losing candidates of the Morobe regional and open seats.
Addressing a sympathetic crowd of about 300 at the State House – governor’s residence – in Lae yesterday, Wenge questioned the legitimacy of the elections.
“Morobe leaders in the past came to power because the people believed in their leadership,” he said.
“Leaders such as Boyamo Sali, Utula Samana, Jerry Nalau and I did not buy votes to attain political leadership of the province.”
Wenge said he was still the leader of the province and he would pursue the election of the new regional MP for Morobe, Kelly Naru, an independent candidate, to the highest court.
“Don’t call me former governor, call me Governor Wenge,” he said to the approving applause from the crowd.
“Mi lida blong yupla, mi stap yet. (I’m your leader, I’m still here). I’m dressed and ready for war, for justice,” he said.
He said he was the only Papua New Guinea recognised internationally as a humanitarian advocate and repeated his intention to be the next prime minister of the country.
“Luther Wenge em nap long kamap prime minister blong Papua New Guinea. Mi mau na redi tru long kamap prime minister,” he said. (Luther Wenge can be the prime minister of Papua New Guinea. I am ripe and ready to be prime minister).
He asked all losing candidates in the nine open seats and regional seat to come forward with evidences of discrepancies in the election so they could go the Court of Disputed Returns.
 “I don’t feel like I have lost the leadership,” he said referring to the declaration of fellow lawyer Naru as governor-elect of Morobe. Naru could not be contacted to comment.