Wenge singing tired old songs

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the report “Wenge has concrete plans for Lae roads” (Feb 22).
It seems that the good governor is running out of ideas and excuses in trying to fix Lae city’s roads.
We have seen the Somare Government turning a blind eye not only on our poor roads but also the poor electricity and water services.
So what is the guarantee the PM, NEC and Morobe Governor Luther Wenge will give us the money to fix our roads?
Is using concrete the best option and is there a feasibility study to suggest that?
It seems the governor is getting tired after 13 years in office doing nothing.
If he is thinking about improving public utilities in Lae and service delivery as a whole in the province, then he should focus on how best to work together with the other nine elected MPs and  come up with simple and realistic strategies.


Franco wawen
Via email