Wenge tells graduates to identify future leaders

Lae News, Normal


TEACHERS are the first point of contact to mould leaders of tomorrow, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge said.
He  told graduates of Balob Teachers’ College that they had made no mistake in choosing teaching as a career because it was one that would educate leaders of the future.
“It is not a mistake to take teaching as one of your professions.
“You chose teaching as your life time career and you will be in a better position to groom and mould leaders of tomorrow,” he said.
Mr Wenge was the guest speaker at the 45th pre-service and 7th in-service graduation at the school last Friday.
He said the National Government launched its 2050 National Strategic Plan last month envisaging Papua New Guineans in mapping out their future.
“That National Strategic Plan was not for the Prime Minister or the leaders nor for the Governor of Morobe.
“Rather, it was for the children whom you will teach so that Papua New Guinea would be wise, fair, smart, healthy and well educated,” Mr Wenge said.
He said the best leaders were scattered in the rural areas and they must stand a chance to make a great contribution to ensure PNG was a unique place to stay by educating them all.
He said he was once a home boy, raised and bred in his remote Kasanombe village, in the hinterlands of Nabak LLG of Nawaeb but he made it through to become an acting judge before entering politics.
“I am not an acting governor but a governor of Morobe province. I did it and they can also do it. The onus is on you as teachers,” he said.