Wenge told to refrain from land deals

Lae News, Normal


Morobe governor Luther Wenge and Ahi villagers must refrain from selling, developing and engaging in any other deals relating to land portions around Lae city which are currently the subject of the court.
The statement from Wain land group incorporation, which is one of the parties in the lengthy court process, also warned that a court order giving the direction had been served and “that such actions and dealings are in direct violation of the order”.
Chairman Peter Katek said all people involved in these illegal practices would later be sued for contempt of court.
He said these land portions lie between Bumayong to Malahang, Igam to West Taraka and 1-Mile to 14-Mile, which “are being sold, leased and developed very rapidly over the last five years”.
“These land areas are being taken over by people who have the money and I would like to inform people who are putting up permanent buildings not to go ahead because, after the court decisions, there will be changes made which might affect them,” Mr Katek said.
“Mr Wenge and his administration should not mislead the people and must left the court finish its tasks. This land group will wait for the court’s decision before anything else is discussed,” he said.