West Goroka’s pile of rubbish


FOR the past few years rubbish has piled up near the southwest intersection of the crossroad around West Goroka.
The pile is there for a day or two before the local authorities see to its removal.
This build-up of waste has created a breeding ground for rats and stray dogs, not to mention the putrid smell that comes from it every day.
Conveniently located near the main road, it has become a dumping point for rubbish from all over town, not just the surrounding shops and residential areas, but from as far away as the eastern suburbs and North Goroka.
The failure of the local town authorities to properly dispose of waste from residential areas has prompted private citizens to do so themselves on their own accord by dumping the waste in public spaces.
This pile up of rubbish is a reflection of our town’s bad sanitation programme and a possible cause for sickness and disease.
It would be in the best interest of the public and the residing residents of west Goroka for the authorities to see to the removal of this pile of rubbish.

Horace T