West Hiri reports decline in cholera

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THE cholera outbreak in Central’s west Hiri district has slowed down, however, health authorities are still on alert should it spring up again.
Hiri district health coordinator Michael Masket told The National yesterday that they have closed the oral re-hydration solution (ORS) centres at Papa, Lealea and in the Mt Koiari area.
He said the closure was due to fewer cases being reported in these areas.
The main cholera treatment centre (CTC) at the Papa clinic was still operating.
“On Tuesday, no cases were reported in the district, which indicated that the situation has quietened,” Masket said.
But, he said, there were many carriers of the cholera bacteria now than before.
He said although carriers would look healthy and fit, they were capable of infecting others if they did not practice personal and basic hygiene.
Masket and his team would continue with awareness programmes in the villages and were now targeting social gatherings.
He also reported that between Sept 23 and Wednesday this week, 112 severe cases were registered at the Papa CTC.
Meanwhile, a team of volunteers from Colgate Palmolive Ltd visited Lealea last Sunday to carry out hygiene awareness.
More than 1,000 villagers turned up for the occasion.
Colgate district sales manager Roderick Ila also presented six cartons of Protex soap and five cartons of Klina soap to village councillor Konio Morea.
Health extension officer Tau Kila said last week, 12 mild cases were reported to the ORS centre with 30 people admitted to the Lealea clinic.
No deaths were reported.
Meanwhile, an elementary student from Coronation Primary School in NCD was rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital’s cholera treatment centre on Tuesday after he went down with cholera-like symptoms.
Principal Julia Ulitaia said yesterday that health workers, who had gone to the school to vaccinate the children, found the boy vomiting and also had diarrhoea and quickly rushed him to the hospital.
Ulitaia said they were not certain if the student had cholera.
She said health inspectors from NCD were at the school yesterday to inspect the toilet and water facilities, but classes would continue as normal.
The boy was treated and discharged from hospital.