West New Britain welcomes teams in ‘pasin west’ style


THE West New Britain government welcomed the visiting teams in style presenting them with local food to signify what they call pasin west.
Provincial administrator Williamson Hosea and Kimbe town mayor Jackson Endo presented 16 pigs along with food to the visiting teams before they went on to the opening ceremony.
“This way is about promoting to our visitors. We in West New Britain, we are fortunate that we are hosting the PNG Games,” Hosea said.
“We must be proud of the Games coming to West New Britain and we must thank God for the achievement.
“West New Britain must be proud to see the rest of PNG unite in our province and after this, we will become a model province.
Hosea urged all people of West New Britain to stand together and take care of their fellow Papua New Guineans from all parts of the country.
“When we come to the Games, our orderly conduct is important. I don’t want to see drunks around and the youth I encourage you to behave because the police won’t take it easy if you misbehave,” Hosea warned.
He challenged the people of West New Britain to ensure visitors were safe during the two-week event.
“We must take full responsibility of the security of our visitors and make sure that this is a trouble free occasion.
“We want our visitors to experience the pasin west culture, we will welcome you and we will take care of you and this is our normal culture which is to receive you.
“We want to assure the families of our visitors that we will take care of them and farewell them accordingly when they come back to you,” he said.