West Sepik airstrip


Reading about the planned work under the Airport Development and Improvement Programme with Asian Development Bank, I wonder if I can mention our longest and busiest airstrip in West Sepik.
Constructed by the early Australian Baptist missionaries around the 1960s, Tekin Airstrip remains one of the longest-serving airstrips within the Telefomin District of West Sepik.
It receives all kinds of single-winged aircraft, including Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), on a daily basis, seven days a week. It stands out against other airstrips in the district, province and even against other rural airstrips in the country.
Tekin receives more flights than any other airstrip in the area.
It is also important to mention that Oksapmin High School is located beside this historic airstrip.
Therefore, my special appeal to Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase, that when he is implementing the Asian Development Bank-funded Civil Aviation Development Improvement
Programme (Cadip) through the Rural Airstrip Improvement Programme, please give special attention to this forgotten airstrip.


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