West Sepik: End violence

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The National, Thursday 16th May 2013

 WOMEN and children of West Sepik have appealed to the government to address law and order problems, especially violence against them. 

A petition was presented to Parliament yesterday by West Sepik Governor Amkat Mai on behalf of the women and children in his province, calling for the government support to the haus krai (house of mourning) initiative, legislate reforms on crime and increase resources of the police force.

“The cry of the women and children in West Sepik is to end violence caused on them. They have suffered too much through violence and this has to stop,” Mai said.

“Crime is dismantling the foundation of our Christian and Melanesian values and is afecting the rights of all citizens to benefit from opportunities in social, economic and political sectors. 

“The government through the Department of Justice and Attorney-General must enforce set laws and legislations to see that those responsible must face the cost.” 

The governor said the petition was presented in the interests of all women and children in PNG.