West Sepik lacks visionary leaders


WEST Sepik has been lacking development since Papua New Guinea gained Independence in 1975.
People are struggling to make ends meet.
Many mothers and babies are dying during childbirth.
These happen because of the inability to access health services due to the bad roads and ineffective transport systems.
There are other factors contributing to these problems as well.
How can leaders continue going about their work when people are suffering?
What is the purpose of being a leader?
A good leader is a servant of the people.
West Sepik lacks quality leaders.
Elected leaders lack vision and shortsighted.
This is why they are focused on their personal interests instead of serving those of their people.
Just recently, I almost lost a child who was critically ill and diagnosed at the Aitape District Hospital to be referred to the Vanimo Provincial Hospital for further treatment.
The only access to Vanimo is through dinghy boats.
The trip is very often risky.
We couldn’t make it to Vanimo because of bad weather.
However, thank God, the child survived because we made it to Wewak instead.
I am appealing to the people of West Sepik to be wise in choosing leaders in this general election.
The people are the ones truly suffering, not the elites.
Conmen and intending candidates are already popping up everywhere and gearing up for this election.
The onus is on us to make wise choices.
We need development.
We need services, so please, choose wisely.
Do not choose leaders for short-term benefits.
Choose leaders based on merit.

Daniel Angiwe,
West Sepik