West Sepik need its leader


WHILE other provincial governors are discussing and strategising with their officials in the province and in Waigani on ways to bring services to their people, I am very frustrated about “fight for power” for the Sandaun (West Sepik) provincial seat.
We have been in prayer and silence during the 14-month trial to allow the process of natural justice by way of election petition.
The court has declared erroneously/without mistake on the principle of natural justice, thus, Tony Wouwou was declared as the duly-elected West Sepik Governor.
Tony Wouwou humbly accepted the orders of the National Court on Sept 19, 2018, for the recount.
The results were proven by an independent penal through the result of the National Court on Dec 19, 2018.
That is evidence of the principle of natural justice sought through the orders.
The people of West Sepik have spoken through the ballots.
Please Simon Solo, for the sake of the people of Lumi and West Sepik, drop all your matters against Governor Wouwou.
You have the right to “fight him well” through the ballot in 2022.
You are a good person, and I do not understand why you are in grief, when the declaration had already been made.

Concerned West Sepik
Port Moresby

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