Western audit


THE National on Monday (Sept 3) reported that the fraud squad will look into the Western audit report.
Firstly, let me start by saying this – the leader is mandated by his people to represent them in Parliament.
The the roads in the town of Daru need to be rebuilt.
In Papua New Guinea, the roads are vital infrastructures, and a good road can speed up the rate of work in both the private and public sector, resulting in more products being formed through economic development.
And the people benefits.
The building of new roads and maintenance of existing ones are priorities for the Government because roads benefit everyone and they contribute to economic development.
The MPs of South Fly have done all they can for the development of their district.
The fraud investigating unit will show if the funds had been used for what they were meant for.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has been told that funds have been misused.
If the MP is found to have misused funds, does that mean that Daru will be neglected for another five years?
South Fly MP Sekie Agisa was right to rebuild the Daru township roads. Therefore, the Government should fund the roads in Daru as it is doing for Port Moresby.

Imara Mere, Daru, WP

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