Western divides shares with provincial govt, locals


WESTERN’s 33 per cent share in the Ok Tedi Mining Ltd is divided among the provincial government, landowners where the mine is situated and people along the Fly River, says Governor Toboi Awi Yoto.
Yoto told The National that 9 per cent went to the landowners in the mountains, 12 per cent to the impacted river community and the remaining 12 per cent to the provincial government.
The provincial governments share was allotted to the provincial administration and the three districts.
“The 33 per cent is owned by the people of Western,” Yoto told The National.
“When the provincial share comes, we (give) 60 per cent to the provincial government and 40 per cent to Mineral Resources Development Company under the Fly River government company that they manage called Mineral Resources Ok Tedi Number Two.
“The 60 per cent that comes to Western (is) split among the three districts – with 20 per cent each.”
“If the profit is K12 million, they get roughly about K3 million each and the provincial government gets K1 million or K2 million.”