Western gas pipeline


THE Western Gas Pipeline will have its first gas channelled through by 2022 or 2023.
This will only be possible if all stages of the establishment of the pipeline go smoothly.
This is a major investment.
The scheme is underpinned by appraised foundation gas resources holding a combined 2c (contingent) resources of 1.5-2.0 trillion cubic feet of gas and 60-70 barrels of condensate.
Horizon Oil Ltd (headquarters based in Sydney) is the operator, partnering Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd to develop their proposals on this resource development.
While the preparation process is in progress, the leaders of Western have to start thinking seriously about this gas pipeline project in Western.
As they are the decision-makers on behalf of the people, they must start creating strategies constructively in advance prior to the start of the operations.
All Western leaders must stand firm, think critically and be proactive before making any decision.
Their decision will determine the future of the province.
I also want to ask all the elites of the province to put in your input to assist our leaders prepare for this gas project.
This will all come down to decision-making.
Let’s all work together to promulgate the spirit of teamwork in order to stand to face criticism and challenges optimistically as a hallmark of keeping our standard as genuine leaders in handling this faithfully.
What’s the biggest lie we’ve been fed by our government?
From past experience, we have been played.
We’ve been led to believe that happiness and security were waiting for us only we did as we were told.
If only we followed the path laid out for us, we’d be okay.
But surveys show 100 per cert of our rights over the benefits of what belongs to us is abused and neglected.
In the economic arrangements and social standing, there is inequality as a common practice.
To be deceptive about this notion, it’s devoid of meaning when our natural rights are not considered when making decisions.
The PNG government has failed a lot in making decisions, and most decisions were not made in the best interest of the people.
This may sound crazy, but surveys show that some percentage of PNG is not free of debts.
Horrifying but, honestly, not surprising.
Worst of all, massive loans are one of the only non-forgiven debts in this country, so even if you file for bankruptcy you can’t have them wiped clean.
It’s no wonder that a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute says “children will be poorer than their parents in future”.
To put it bluntly, those who had been taught to expect their wealth to grow through, as long as they obediently follow society’s path of choice, have learned that this promise is a lie.
And you know what? This is not your fault.
We’ve all been played.
But it is our responsibility to do something about it and guarantee that you and your people will not be played anymore.
The first step is to embrace this truth and to understand the massive importance of the question above.
I hope you’ve swallowed a big dose of harsh reality, Western.
Therefore, Western don’t be half-sleep. Start preparing today. Avoid what has happened from
Ok Tedi Mine operations that we are currently facing today.
Ok leaders and the elites of Western, it’s your turn.

South Fly