Western govt aware of situation


THE South Fly government is aware of the condemned status of the military base, Correctional Services facilities, police barracks and the Daru General Hospital but maintains that not all of it is their responsibility.
Governor Toboi Yoto said the military base, CS facilities, barracks and the hospital were condemned as health hazards by the provincial health authority (PHA).
“We are not blind, we know, we see,” he said.
“But it is not our responsibility alone.
“For the Daru General Hospital, that comes under the Health Department.
“As a provincial government we do support them from time to time but they come under the Health Department.
“Likewise for the Correctional Services facility and the police barracks.
“These are not our responsibility alone.” Yoto said the provincial government would look into ways on how it could help but called on responsible authorities to address the issue as well.
He also alluded to having budget constraints saying that if they had the money, they would be in a better position to make a commitment but currently, they were on a tight budget.
“I know a lot of Facebook keyboard warriors have been spoiling the provincial government, however, they must also understand that this is not our responsibility,” he said.
“As a provincial government, we will step in and assist where necessary.”
Meanwhile, the military base has been closed following its condemnation leaving no personnel to monitor the borders.