Western govt seeks timely acquittal reports for services

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 23rd May 2013

 PUBLIC servants in Western have been urged to provide acquittal reports to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development on provincial, district and local level government services and improvement programme funds. 

The programme manager for southern region, Aihi Vaki, issued the notice during a two-day workshop on administrative guidelines for various funds and financial instructions in Kiunga last week. 

Vaki said timely submission of acquittal reports on district spending would help fast-track funds committed to districts for quicker implementation of projects and programmes.

“There is a lot of development funds through provincial, district and local level government services improvement programmes coming down to districts and we want to see transparency and accountability when committing funds on impact projects,” he said.

“Reporting back to the national government on how the funds have been spent on intended projects and programmes that would transform the livelihoods of the rural majority is of paramount importance,” Vaki told participants during the workshop last Wednesday.” 

He asked them to come up with  development plans to align   funds to deliver directly to the people.