Western Highlanders lead in farm produce


THE people of Western Highlands deserve acknowledgement from the national and provincial governments for engaging in agriculture.
The massive agriculture roll out requires the Government’s assistance to make agriculture an equally important sector.
Such manifestation is seen at the Mt Hagen market filled with quality farm products ranging from varieties of vegetables to livestock from all parts of the province.
Truckloads of produces are shifted to Port Moresby and other parts of Papua New Guinea through Lae.
Young people have seen the increase in income from the sale of such products and engaging in agriculture has meaning in their lives.
Other provinces also participate in agriculture but the people in WHP deserve credit from the Government.
Provide funding support through the National Development Bank with better terms and conditions to hardworking Western Highlanders to access loans to enhance medium to large scale farming in vegetables and livestock production.
Each provincial government should assist young farmers to participate well in agriculture by making funding accessible for borrowing and repayments.
PNG is predominantly an agricultural society.
There is no point for people not meaningfully shifting from medium to larger scale commercial agriculture.

Maken Jack Anis Kukiwa,
Mul-Baiyer District