Western Highlands needs electricity

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ACCESS to electricity is something every citizen should be entitled to, according to a community leader.
However, for many rural communities in Western Highlands province, this vital service is still absent 35 years after independence, John Timbi, one of the Kuli community leaders in the Anglimp-South Waghi district said.
Mr Timbi said electricity was limited to areas near the main highways, towns and other communities where there was much political influence.
He said politicians had made empty promises of making sure homes in the rural areas were connected to electricity. However this has never come about.
Mr Timbi said many densely populated areas in the Anglimp-South Waghi district like Kurkur, Kurrki, Kurumul, and many others still need to be connected with electricity.
He said people in these areas were still living in dark even though their leaders have promised them to bring in electricity service.
Mr Timbi said electricity was one of the services that had the potential to change and influence the lifestyles of the people, especially in ways where electricity could be used as a source of energy to generating income.
He said people were tired of living in the dark and having to pay for kerosene all the time while other communities were advancing with electricity.
Mr Timbi has called on leaders to monitor all feeder roads in the province and make it a priority to connect electricity along the roads.