Western leaders challenged


I am a resident of Daru town, which is the capital of Western and a temporary seat of South Fly district, let alone Wipim which is its headquarters that was abandoned some 10 years.
I write this letter with deep concern to draw attention to my dear governor for Western, Taboi Awi Yoto, South Fly MP Seki Agisa, and their respective provincial and district administrators relating to a contract that was awarded to an individual and or a company to carry out maintenance and repair works on roads in Daru town in the middle of last year.
Daru town roads have deteriorated so badly that the deepest pothole you would find, prior to the maintenance work to reinstate the road surfaces to at least reasonable driving surface, would have been about 500 to 600mm deep, which further developed into water pools for a length of about five to six metres, or more along the road running surface and extends the whole width of the road in some sections.
At least this was a welcome news for Daru residents when the contractor began mobilising material (gravel), knowing that the provincial government and the South Fly district administration were taking a positive step to address the deteriorating state of the roads in Daru.
After some weeks many Daru town residents began to raise eyebrows because of the standard of the work being carried out.
It was not whats they were expecting.
The standard of work was so bad that I will certainly ask a lot of questions as to the qualification and experience of this individual or contractor simply because it has not carried out the work based on DOW standard roads and bridges maintenance practices. The contractor has in fact totally destroyed the roads’ running surfaces and extended running surfaces even the pedestrian avoid walking on the maintained road surfaces has boulder size stones with sharp edges sticking out that that pose risks both to them and the vehicles. There were no proper accepted practice of preparing by excavating the pothole areas, depressions, gullies, road shoulders, etc, before placing new material spread and compact. What they did was just dumping the new material (gravel) over the potholes, carry out minimum compaction or not at all, as a result of substandard work the road has returned to its original state, which is bad.
Although I appreciate his boys who did a lot of hard work, the end result was even bad, guess none of them have any work experience.
I am now compelled to ask the authorities:

  • Who and why gave the contract to somebody when he has no qualification and experience, just as clearly indicated by the poor standard of maintenance work carried out? What criteria were used to give the job to this individual or if he was working for a company?
  • I am reliably informed that the value of the contract was well over K1 million. My assessment of the completed work is around K300,000-K400,000. Where is the remaining K600,000-K700,000? This amount would have given us a better result.
  • This company supervisor is renting a resident belonging to a most senior public servant in Kiunga, Western. Is there a conflict of interest? My near calculated guess is that the senior officer is a member of the Provincial Supply and Tenders Board.
  • Governor and South Fly MP and administrators, be informed that Daru town is the provincial capital, a pride to Western province, please show your leadership by providing quality service delivery. Take steps to put a stop to such practices of jobs for the boys.
  • MP for South Fly, you are illegally operating from Daru when you should be at Wipim, which is the district headquarters.

Take serious measures in relocating there.
It is a total shame to allow unprofessional work on this important road infrastructure by responsible provincial authorities.
It certainly defeats your purpose in effective service delivery in the province, as it is because of your approval that a poor job was done. This is a case similar to the 2017 one on Oriomo-Wipim road, which was politicised and work remains incomplete to date.
Leaders of WP, if you want to change the province, I know you have the plans, you have the golden opportunity now to show that leadership, get your public service machinery in tune to your development vision.
This case may look small but it can bring a giant down and out if you are not careful. Remember David and Goliath story in the bible?
You are not short of professional and experienced individuals or contracting companies in the province or district, use them to your advantage to produce the results you want.

Rescue the Perishing
Daru Island.