Western needs vehicle licencing agency

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REVENUE that could be earned by the Western provincial government from vehicle registrations and licence fees are being earned by Port Moresby city authority instead.
This is because there is no such office in Western province, either in the new provincial capital Kiunga or mining township of Tabubil, according to Paul Povey, the group general manager for Mineral Resources Star Mount Group of Co (MRSMGC), based in Tabubil.
Mr Povey said revenue earned from vehicle registrations and fees from divers” licences could be earned by the local level government or the provincial government and in turn could be used to provide service to the people.
MRSMGC is a landowner company (lanco) owned by the Star Mountain people of Western province, mostly made up of the 10 villages of Bultem, Finalbin, Kavorabip, Atemkit, Wangbin, Migalsim, Kumkit, Ankit, Nioksikwi, and Ok Tedi Tau, in the vicinity of the mine.