Western people suffering from lack of funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 17th, 2015

 WE are raising our concerns regarding the drought situation in Western Province. 

It is more than three months and there is still no positive response from the Western Provincial Administration office.  

In this province, OkTedi Mining Limited was our government.

 Now that it is on the stand-by, we have no government, our members and governor are nowhere to be seen.

All we hear from the provincial administration in Kiunga: We have not money.

For years, the money from the Ok Tedi mine in our province was sent to the National Government to develop other provinces and the National Capital District. 

PNGSDP has contributed enormous sums of money from this province for so many projects here and all over the country.  

It is unjust to the people that the money of the Western province is frozen in the court. 

Can the National Government release the funds allocated to serve the people of the Western province for the sake and benefit of our people? 

We are tired to hear that the Western province is the richest in mineral and oil, yet nothing is happening here – no development and no funds even to send our athletes to the PNG Games last year and the recent Pacific Games in Port Moresby.  

Prime Minister, how can you be so generous for some Provinces while ignoring the cry of the people where the money comes from? 

Our people need assistance immediately.

In most parts of the province, the water sources have already dried out and the people are now walking 3-5km  to collect water. 

The so called rich province has become poor in its leadership is not responding to the disastrous situation. going on? 


Concerned Citizen

Western  Province