Western Power too expensive for many

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CAN the appropriate authority look into the current charges for power usage charged by the recently introduced Western Power in Kiunga?
The charges are simply too high for many people.
I am spending K50 a week on electricity which is equivalent to a month in Port Moresby (depending on individual usage).
We do not have luxurious or highend electrical appliances, just a fridge and a TV set.
As a working class citizen, I am already feeling the pinch.
I can imagine the pain the unemployed have to go through to power their electrical appliances.
If this is not enough, the Fly River provincial government sees it fit to impose hefty fees for services relinquished by Ok Tedi Mining Ltd to the administration.
Mining minister John Pundari recently said Kiunga was shockingly most undeveloped despite all efforts and funding by OTML to develop it.
Can the ad­mi­nistration explain to the peo­ple why Western Power is charging such high rates?


Fed up Westerner