Western province needs development

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

I REFER to your report “Landowners query Papua Highway” (June 6).
As young educated elite of Western province, I disagree with the comments of a landowner secretary with regard to 600km road between Kiunga in Western and Central’s Hiritano Highway.
I am sure that all the negotiations among the three parties – clans, deve­loper and government – were followed before the signing of the project. 
On that note, I would like to pose a question to secretary Aron Dupnai.
Where was he during the initial stages of nego­tiations that took place before the actual signing of the project agreement?
It is time the province gets basic services and the road is one of them.
The province does not need self-centred and self-interested people who are out to deny the majority an important service like the road.
He is not the chief of Srumnai or Gre clan.
So why is he making so much noise?
According to Deputy Governor of Western James Ukin, the road is for the people.
This is a major development for the people of Western province.

Fly River student
Port Moresby