Western will remain in the backwater

Letters, Normal

I went back to Daru recently and I was sad to see the poor state of the island.  
There is no market, poor roads, tall grass everywhere, no sewerage system, no jobs, serious law and order problems and the list goes on. 
The governor and South Fly Member are all based in Port Moresby and they do not have a clue as to how bad the situation is.
The biggest mine in the country, Ok Tedi, has been operating in the province for more than 25 year but very little has trickled down to improve basic services in the province.
It is expected to close in 2013.
The PNG Sustainable Development Program is working to deliver services but how much can it do without support from the provincial government?
I remember reading an article by Brian Gomez in your daily some time back and it has made me reflect how the money, which has gone to waste, could have changed the face of Western province if spent properly.
What is happening to the Daru port project? 
It has been four years since the project was launched but to date, nothing is happening.
When will construction work commence? 
If the PNGSDP were to promote sustainable development “especially for people of Western province”, can the board and management tell the people what they hope to achieve since its establishment in 2001.
I have attended number of annual general meetings and recently I read again about the aquaculture project.
Why are they always talking about the same projects?
Why is it taking such a long time to deliver planned outcomes? 
The same story seems to recur year after year and one wonders if all these plans and promises will ever come to reality.
The people of Western want to know and measure what the tangible benefits the company has accomplished and hope to achieve.


Rabo Mehn
Port Moresby