Wests Tigers miss Kumul star


WESTS Tigers have been denied a chance to sign a rugby league excitement machine after discovering their South Sydney signing target had mysteriously disappeared.
The Tigers were forced to give up on their interest in Kumuls star Edene Gebbie after learning he had been given a Redfern release to return home to Papua New Guinea.
“We made some inquiries,” a Tigers official told News Corp.
“But were unable to take it any further after finding out he had left Australia.”
Touted as a potential replacement for Greg Inglis when he was signed by the Rabbitohs last year, Gebbie has shocked rugby league by quietly walking away from his dream NRL deal. News Corp Australia has learned the fullback, who blitzed the Queensland Cup before being snapped up by Souths, became frustrated about being overlooked after the club signed Latrell Mitchell.
Told he would get the chance to challenge Adam Doueihi to become the Rabbitohs’ first-choice fullback, Gebbie became a rugby league outcast after Souths snared Mitchell in a last-minute signing.
The former SP Hunter and Wynnum Manly Seagull was relegated to a training-only role after Covid-19 hit in a double blow that proved too much.
Without a lower-grade competition to play in during the Covid-19 lockdown, Gebbie sought a release to return to PNG so he could play rugby league.
Few knew about the release with the Rabbitohs keeping the departure quiet.
It was in stark contrast from the way the club announced the signing last year with former boss Shane Richardson trumpeting Gebbie’s arrival at Redfern.
“Edene is an exciting prospect and we’re looking forward to seeing him develop his skills over the next two years under the guidance of our coaching staff,” Richardson said.
“He has scored 19 tries in 29 games over the past two seasons with his sides winning 22 of those 29 games in which he has played.
“His speed and hard running are his major assets and we’re sure that he can add more strings to his bow in our system.
“He brings with him international experience and with some refinement of his game, as well surrounding him in a full-time professional environment, we’re certain he has what it takes to move towards an NRL debut.
“His signing is another example of our recruitment plan to introduce players to our squad with great pedigrees and great character.
“We’re all keen to see what Edene can achieve at our club.”
Gebbie’s agent Cameron Phelps declared his client’s NRL dream was not over with clubs already expressing interest in bringing the PNG star back to Australia next year.
“This is only temporary,” Phelps said.
“He wants to play NRL and wants to prove himself an NRL player.
“He really looks up to (fellow PNG international) Justin Olam and is determined to follow in his footsteps.
“We are looking at his options for next year and have already a fielded interest from NRL clubs.” – Daily Telegraph


  • You just have to buy time, like what Justin Olam did and eventually got in to the full squad. For my Koiari wantok, if only you wait you turn would have come. In fact, Souths have fielded a few outside backs only after you left, who were no way as close. You could have made the first 17 if you had stayed on and buy your time, however your own ego and attitude problem let you down.
    If in future, if you ever get back to NRL, don’t let your ego control you.

  • Truly said, Petrus. The higher one go up, a dog called “ego” always follows close by.

    Humility and patience always pays off.

  • Wanbel lo tupla Tok blo yutupla brata, Petrus na Tugu.
    Just be patient, you were given an opportunity, perseverance and determination will pay off in the end.
    Those who lack patience will not make it to the end.
    Justin Olam is a Great role model and example for the rest of those who wishes to follow in his foot-step.

  • Gabbie’s agent’s phone should have been red hot marketing him to other clubs when he was not included in the rabbits playing squad. He failed to do the right thing by Gabbie.

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