Wewak’s fire disaster

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The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WEWAK’S Windjammer Beach Motel was extensively damaged after fire engulfed the eastern side of the building at 6pm on Sunday.
The fire was believed to have been started deliberately by setting ablaze a pile of old dockets near the outer section of the bar.
The fire destroyed the kitchen, offices, entertainment areas, conference facilities and the west wing.
Owner Sir Hugo Bergusher, who was partly burnt and knocked unconscious by a burning timber, was unavailable for comment.
Auditor and acting manager Warren Hill said it was not only the fire that destroyed the motel as some people took advantage of the situation by breaking into rooms and stealing refrigerators, TV sets, chairs, beds and mattresses.
He said he could not give any estimation of the cost of damage, saying: “It is very high indeed.”
Hill said clients or guests who lost personal belongings to looters or the fire should submit claims to the management and that would be forwarded to police.
Grief-stricken client, Tony James Walwal lost K30,000 worth of personal items including his laptop, multi-media equipment and store goods.
Walwal, only left with the clothes he was
wearing, said he booked in at Windjammer for a 10-day stay but only spent a night because all his belongings were stolen when his room was broken into.