Wewak braces for possible outbreak

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HEALTH authorities in East Sepik province have urged the provincial administration and the disaster and emergency office in Wewak to assist with funds to set up a separate centre for cholera victims should an outbreak occur.
Boram General Hospital chief executive officer Dr Louis Samiak said yesterday the hospital could do very little with the limited funds it had to prepare itself in the event of an unexpected outbreak in the province.
He said cholera was a very dreaded epidemic and they had to create a centre away from the hospital wards for cholera patients.
According to hospital’s records, East Sepik province has yet to register any case of cholera but is taking stringent measures to ensure that the dreadful illness is prevented at all fronts.
Dr Samiak said there had been reports of suspected cases in districts outside of Wewak but none of these cases had been confirmed.
A task force comprising of all stakeholders, the provincial administration and the hospital has been set up to carry out effective awareness campaigns on the streets, market places and on the local radio station.
Dr Samiak said the task force had embarked on promoting good hygiene practices and the banning of cooked food on street markets as a way to reducing the risk of contracting the  disease since an outbreak was reported in the neighbouring Madang province last week.