Wewak JDP&BPC to support women and children

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WEWAK joint district planning and budget priority committee (JDP&BPC) has singled out women and children’s welfare, as its number one priority area for this year.
Wewak Open MP and JDP&BPC chairman Jim Simatab announced this at Bungain village, Turubu, outside Wewak on Wednesday, where he presented three open-back trucks to assist with the transportation of cash crops, fresh garden food and vegetables to markets in town.
The fourth truck was presented to the recently opened Dagua High School during the Independence celebrations last month.
“The needs of our mothers and children should be given the number one priority because if we don’t meet their households’ basic needs, there will be no development,” Mr Simatab said.
The three vehicles presented were for Bungain and Putanda in the Turubu local level government and Lowan on the West Coast of Wewak.
Mr Simatab told those gathered at Bungain village that the vehicles would help alleviate the prolonged difficulties mothers faced in transporting their produce to the market.
Beside the mothers, the vehicles will also be used by cash crop farmers to sell their produce in town for better prices in order to meet school fees for their children, food for the family and other basic needs for their households.
Turubu LLG president David Kausik called on his people to take ownership of the service provided, adding that such services would immensely contribute to improve their standard of living.
He also presented a lawnmower to the Bungain aid post to complement presentations made by Mr Simatab.