Wewak man pushes for Tok Pisin in schools

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The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 A BUSINESSMAN in Wewak, East Sepik, wants Tok Pisin to be given prominence in education despite the National Government phasing out the Outcomes-Based Education system next year.

David Ulgu Gai, who hails from Rupugum village, Wosera-Gawi district, said if Tok Pisin was taught at all levels of education, children would easily understand their lessons because English was a foreign language.

“English is not our mother tongue so why teach English?” he asked. 

“Experience today shows that many of our children who attend English schools are now roaming the streets of Wewak and the country because they cannot understand and write good English.”

He contested the recent national and local level government elections with the intention to create greater awareness on the significance of Tok Pisin in Parliament and the provincial assembly.

He is now pursuing his dream after opening an adult literacy school a Setaka near his village.

Young and old students there start reading and writing in Tok Pisin classes.

The school, which has gained the support of the East Sepik provincial education division, has 80 students.  

Ulgu is appealing for support from government leaders and all stakeholders to allow the school to expand to other districts of the province.