Wewak mayor denies bribery claims

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

WEWAK Mayor Peter Saun is strongly refuting claims that he had smuggled in money to try to bribe officials during counting for the Wewak open seat at the Wewak Council Chambers.
Saun said he had never been to the counting place and was investigating claims by scrutineers of some candidates who had alleged that he took a large sum of money into the counting room in an attempt to bribe officials.
“I never got any money into the counting room or even the premises of the counting venue.
“They tried to tarnish my good name,” Saun said.
“As a senior citizen of the town, I, for one, wanted a free, fair, safe and transparent election for all citizens in the township without any form of intimidation or favour.
“And I condemn such accusation by certain supporters of candidates.”
The mayor said he was unhappy with the allegations and would  conduct an investigation into those who made the allegation.
As for his son Nigel Saun, who was also implicated in the allegation, Saun senior said his son was an employee of the PNG Electoral Commission as a driver during the elections and was transporting employees and materials of the PNGEC.
He said he was not happy at all about the allegation and urged people not tarnish the reputation of law-abiding citizens.