Wewak police arrest murder suspects

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WEWAK police have apprehended six men suspected of killing a Vanimo Forest employee and terrorising residents of Vanimo over the last three weeks.
The suspects, who are also employed by Vanimo Forest as security officers, were nabbed outside Vanimo Trading Supermarket.
Their identities were not released.
Two of the men have been charged with murder and the remaining four are being interrogated by police, charges are expected to be laid this week.
The road from the police station to East and West Tower areas was sealed off and guarded by armed police personnel on Friday and Saturday while the alleged murders were transported to Correctional Services.
Sandaun provincial police commander Chief Insp Sakawar Kasieng said the deceased, who is a crew member on a tug boat, was stabbed to death at the junction of East and West Tower.
His body had been flown to his Kikori village, Gulf province, for burial.
Chief Insp Kasieng confirmed reports made by the settlers that the group had been terrorising villagers.
“The settlers have become the subject of continuous harassment and intimidation because this group of hooligans claimed that the settlers have reported them to police,” he said.