Wewak police barracks undergo maintenance

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

THE condemned Nuigo police barracks in Wewak, East Sepik, is to be renovated to cater for extra officers stationed in the province.
The barracks, which can cater for up to 12 single policemen and a family, was recently declared unfit for human habitation.
The police hierarchy in Wewak has hired a contractor to renovate the residential quarters.
Provincial police commander Vincent Pokas said K50,000 had been presented to contractor Dieter Engineering by project coordinator, Charles Parinjo, for renovation work to begin.
The major maintenance work will cost K100,000.
Work has started and is expected to be completed by next month before policemen, including recruits from Bomana, move in.
Policemen and women in East Sepik have been urged to execute their duties diligently and with professionalism as the hierarchy worked towards providing better conditions for them.
The Yawasoro police housing, new uniforms and the recent salary increases are some of the notable incentives organised for officers.